We thought: Recreating the idea

I used to think I was an ideas person.

You know the type?  Bouncing with brainstorming vigour, never questioning the worth of her ideas.  Never afraid of the originality of her ideas.  They were fresh ideas.  Original ideas. MY ideas.

But were they?

I used to think they were.  That was until I started spending time on the internet and discovered that millions of other people were having MY ideas too.


Thing is, they are more than likely your ideas too.  And the person’s sitting next to you, your neighbor’s, your Mum’s, and your sister’s husband’s brother-in-law.

If there is always someone somewhere with the same idea, how valid then are my ideas?  Do I actually have any original ideas?


Even this idea about ideas isn’t new but that doesn’t make it any less mine, nor any less real.  It’s what you do with the idea that counts says Lisa Barone from Outspoken Media in her article There Are No More Original Ideas. Now What?.

I used to think ideas came from within.  But with the advancement of social media and an almost addiction for thought sharing it’s almost impossible for an idea to be completely your own.  Kirby Fergusson in his TED talk Embracing the remix – YouTube. demonstrates how this happens and encourages society to embrace this way of thinking and idea generating.

It’s what you as a person, with your all your quirks and character, your creativity and your experience bring to an idea that validates it and makes it your own.

Ideas from without are still ideas; it just means that we’re all ideas people creating and recreating new and interesting ideas that reflect our individuality.