We tasted: Strawberry Swirl Cupcakes

Tasty Rating: 10/10

You really NEED to stop everything and go make some.  Although if you are drinking a glass of wine, don’t stop, just pour another.  Because baking is always better with wine.


You can find the recipe here Strawberry Swirl Cupcakes Recipe – Taste.com.au.

I don’t usually like cupcakes or strawberry flavoured sweets for that matter.  There’s always an exception isn’t there?

Easily the quickest cupcakes I have ever made and apart from the strawberries you will find everything else in your pantry and if you can’t, should you really be baking?

They are perfect little pieces of summery deliciousness.   Mud cake in consistency with a sharp burst of fresh strawberry flavour AND the vanilla butter cream…


Need I say more?

Maybe I’ll just repeat myself.  Go and make some. Then make some more and freeze them (they freeze really well).  Then pour yourself another glass of wine.