We tried: Sensory play with rubber gloves

ImageActivity:  Rubber gloves filled with oats, marshmallows and coloured rice

Success: 6/10

Expected: Intrigue and confusion.

Unexpected: The peels of laughter when the gloves were wiggled in front of her or slapped on the floor.

Outcome: Miss T was happy to laugh and respond to the gloves provided they didn’t get too close.  After some encouragement on my part and close inspection on her part they slowly became more interesting.

They remained interesting for all of about half an hour and they aren’t something she goes back to play with. Not a huge success but something quick and easy to put together and definitely something to try again.


We thought: Pinterest Parenting

So I don’t know about you, but I feel that with the introduction of Pinterest, suddenly parenting becomes much more deliberate.

Montessori at home, sensory activities, messy play, home schooling, nature scapes, discovery baskets, exploration, imagination, focus, self expression, investigation, fine motor skills, co ordination, organisation, play, learning, growth, TEACH!!!!!


Overwhelming? Definitely.  Overambitious? Maybe.  Overrated? No.

While it can be overwhelming most of these ideas can be easily simplified and tweaked to suit your own situation.  Essentially it’s what parents have been doing for years.  Exposing their children to a variety of objects/substances to either

a) keep them occupied or

b) further their understanding and appreciation of the environment around them.


If you want to know more about the benefits of Sensory Play there are a couple of great articles below.

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These blogs are well worth following as a start.