We thought: it may not always be a choice

I have started baby wearing.

In my research the information and articles I found were often accompanied with images of indigenous men and women carrying their babies. It was as though being associated with these people makes our decision more real, more natural and more in tune with our children.  A choice that is better than all other options because it’s what they chose.


They want us to see a mother so connected with the natural order of things that she instinctively carries her baby with no other thought.  They want us to see a deep and abiding maternal bond that can only achieved by constant closeness of a mother with her child.  They want us to see love, contentment and ease.

What I see is hard work.  What I see is babies carrying babies.  I see long heavy days and tired bodies.  What I don’t see is choice.

I love carrying Miss T for lots of reasons, but if I didn’t have a choice I wonder how appealing it would be.  And if it would feel as ‘glamorous’ and natural as the images make it out to be.