We tried: Red discovery box


Activity:  Box filled with an assortment of red and white items from around the house.

  • Candle
  • Plastic disposable plate
  • Ribbon
  • Monkey toy
  • Small colander
  • Clag glue pot
  • Cloth nappy

Success: 10/10 and NO tears.  She played with this for over an hour, and although she favoured one item she did go back to the rest a number of times.

Expected: I thought MT would gravitate to one item and play with that.  She did.  The ribbon.

Unexpected: Since a lot of the items are ones MT has seen before in various capacities I didn’t think they would hold her interest for long.

Outcome: A really great idea that I have seen many mums do with their kids.  MT was very interested in exploring the box and examining each item.   She was happy to play with this on and off for the entire week.  WIN!


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