We tried: Baked Bean sensory play


Activity: Two piles of baked beans on the highchair tray. One hot and the other cold.

Success: 6/10. Mild success tainted severely by the climatic tears.

Expected: A lot of mess.

Unexpected: The tears.

Outcome: This kept MT occupied for about 20min. She started slowly, carefully touching each pile. Going from one to the other until she took a big handful of the warm ones. She swirled them together and tried really hard to pick up individual beans and taste them, sucking the juice from her fingers. After swishing them around the tray some more, she began mushing beans into the tray, into her hair and onto her legs.

At this point she realised she was covered in baked beans (what the?!) and burst into tears.

Not quite the sensory experience we were looking for.


Deb from Learn with Play at home has a list of the things baby might be learning during this activity.



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